Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thing 23

What a great experience!
I would recommend Skype and Survey tools like SurveyMonkey and Zoomerang for 23 things part II. Fabulous tools overall even if I was familiar with many, I still learned a ton and would not have explored without the nudge.

I can't wait to share more with my staff. I want to create a 23 things for our building over the summer.

Thanks x23!

Thing 22

  • Blog about how you plan to keep up with the Web 2.0 and Library 2.0 tools.
          • I saved the messages so I can review and pass them along to others. Sharing them with my co-workers will force me to be knowledgeable about them. The best "thing" about the things is that they are all FREE and helpful. What a great thing during tight budgets!
          • I'm also motivated by guilt so I'll keep the 23 things postcard on my desk to remind me to stay current.
  • Recommend a way to keep up that you have found useful.
          • Attending professional organizational conferences
          • Asking the kids. I've learned great things from kids as young as 4 years old and a 76 year old kid/technowizard.
        • First thank (THANK YOU!) and then ask CMLE and the other multi-types to do this again!!!!!!!!

Thing 21

  • Are you a member of any online communities?
    • MySpace and have checked out FaceBook
  • Are any of these social networks appealing to you?
    • TeacherLibrary Ning--discussion on "Do you let students eat in the media center" food for thought (self groaning here!)
  • What did you find that was interesting and that you might use later?
    • TeacherLibrary Ning--I'll keep checking it out until I feel that I could make a real contribution.
Adding pictures and video to 23thingsonastickning was the slickest interface I have even encountered! WOWOWOWOWOW

Thing 20

  • How are libraries using MySpace?
    • Book reviews, Branch events, author links--what a great idea. Meg Cabot--I did not picture here looking like that!
  • Did you find anything on a library's MySpace page that would be useful for your library?
    • Book reviews, Author pages
  • If you created your own MySpace page, how do you plan to use it?
    • We've got it blocked here. Many students have pages and one started a page for their club. I could see that as being a great way for busy students to meet. I would start small and maybe search out students for a book club. It would be an easy was to connect without having another meeting. We've had a lot of inappropriate use and legal issues with postings students make so it would be great to show how MySpace could be used in a positive light.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Thing 19

1. Which podcast(s) did you listen to?
College of St. Scholastica Advanced Physiology with Dr. C. My PT husband has been reliving the Anat Phys days with his fav lecturer, Dr. C. by listening to all the podcasts. He would take the tests again if they were available. This guy is great and paints a great picture. His lecture on fat is inspiring--I'm fidgeting while I type to burn more calories. We've even downloaded his lectures on cd and listened on long trips with our kids.
2. Which of the directories did you find easiest to use?
I'd have to give the thumbs up.
3. Has this Thing inspired you to do any podcasting yourself or to subscribe to a podcast to listen to it regularly?
I was inspired to download a under the covers podcast to enjoy later.

Thing 18

* What did you like or dislike about the sites you explored?
Not the easiest search tools. Need a media person to tidy it up--tags, etc. would be great. Loved the March of the Librarians. My whole family gathered around. Wish there was a filter that would keep out the steamy side so we could have it unblocked at school. At to Remember the Milk list--spend rest of life screening YouTube. Make YouTube of my life screening YouTube.
* Why did you choose the video that you did?
Well, it was from my class and I wanted to see if it was still there.
* Can you see any ways to use video--YouTube or other sites--on your library Web site?
YouTube is great for humor. Could do a mini tour of the media center or reference web site to trick the students into learning HAAHHHA HAHHH I will do the domino books next time I'm getting a reference lecture ready.

Video from my class.

Thing 17

  • How can these tools be applied to your everyday work?
    • The tools are part of my media center home page. I write long thank yous and testimony of how important they are to our media center. We rely heavily on the ELM access--
    • from over 70 magazine subscriptions to 10
    • A social studies teacher who had 5 subscriptions each to Time, US News & World Report and Newsweek now uses the online version. Wow have we saved a lot of trees and money. And the student access is sublime.
  • How can these tools facilitate collaboration with your colleagues?
    • NetLibrary has just started to get utilized. We have a few people dabbling with audiobooks

  • How can these tools benefit your patrons/students
    • All of our research projects use these. I see students use the tools without being "assigned" to use them. I'm very proud of how we utilize this system.